Why I Decided to Write This Blog

Why I Decided to Write This Blog


Who am I as a To-Be Top Fashion Blogger

I’m a quirky little first generation Taiwanese American who loves food, fashion, beauty and travel. Now I’m not sure I’ll end up as something like the top fashion blogger or any of my other favorite things topics. I can try though!

I’m pretty passionate about a lot of things. In fact, I’m super creative too. That means that I get excited like a little kid when it comes to certain things like clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, food, travel and plain having fun.

I love things like Mr. Men and Little Miss. I get giddy about cute, sparkly things. I’m a kid at heart and I love a red carpet event to get dressed up for.

FUN is actually a BIG thing in my life

Being HAPPY is another. I live with Chronic Lyme Disease and that kept me in bed 16-18 hours a day for almost 4 years from 2010-2014. During that time, I had an excessive amount of time with my own thoughts. I had a lot of regrets about things I hadn’t done like get a babysitter so I could go skiing with the rest of the family or traveling to my dream destinations.

There Was a Time When I Wasn’t Quite that Happy

I thought life was over — in fact many nights crying on the bathroom floor, I contemplated ending it myself just so that I wouldn’t be a burden on my family and so that I wouldn’t have to live life in pain anymore. But I really wanted to be around for my kids. I had dreams to meet my grandkids. After my doctor told me one day that my body was like that of an 80-year old and I should stop thinking it was going to get better — that I needed to accept it, I woke up and I realized that no one has the power to decide the fate of my life.

So I became a fighter — and I fought like I never had before in my life trying every crazy thing to get better.  In the process I became a master herbalist, life coach, business coach, book coach and storyteller. But most recently, my love for fashion got rekindled as I went to NY Fashion Week and had an outfit go out on the runway (more about that in another post).

I’m a bit of an extremist

I love a great deal and I also love luxury brands. Therein lies how I’d become a top fashion blogger. So if I find a great deal for $3, you better believe I’ll get it and you’ll also find me in luxury resale and outlet stores for that new Versace, Valentino or Louis Vuitton for a steal (and if it’s really worth it to me, I will go get it at their retail store too). You know, when you pair that $3 dress with a pair of Louis Vuitton earrings or Christian Dior Necklace, it looks really good! ?

If something is unique and different, I like it. Or if something is rainbow colors, I like it. And if my kids tell me it’s crazy, I like it!

Anything I put on my face is generally organic – it’s pretty cool when the things you put on your body are things you could probably eat too.

Travel is in my blood – I have wanderlust for sure and I love great experiences with great food and company.

There’s no time for regrets

The things that I’m big on are HAPPY and FUN.

Now I live my life to create joy and I do things that make me happy. So I want to share my antics in this little blog and share my biggest joys and happy places — all of my favorite things. I think I’m pretty entertaining.  I’d love to have a reality TV show, but my kids tell me that 1) I’m not that funny and 2) I’m not that interesting.  My friends tell me otherwise. I’ll let you decide for yourself.  ?  p.s. Did I mention I love emojis?

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